Welcome to Pvp Zone!

Welcome to Pvp Zone! Esports is a fast growing community dedicated to professional gaming. Players from various gaming backgrounds would compete with one another or as a team in tournaments for prizes and recognition.
Three young entrepreneurs set out to provide high quality computers for those who could not afford their own and allow them to play with their family and friends.
In addition, the entrepreneurs believed Las Vegas was going to be a thriving scene for eSports and established a foundation for tournaments and competition. As a result, Pvp Zone first opened its doors back in November 15, 2014; it quickly became one of the most popular PC Lan centers in the heart of Las Vegas.
The name Pvp Zone was designed to invoke the competitive spirit among gamers and allowed players to hone their skills and start their career path in eSports

Computer Specs

Intel Core i5-4670k CPU @ 3.40 Ghz
16 GB Ram
EVGA Geforce GTX 760
Samsung 850 Evo
Asus 24" in Monitors
Blackwidow Ultimate Keyboard
Logitech Proteus Mouse

Pricing and Games


♦ $4 an hour
♦ Buy 4 hours get 1 free, 5 hours for $16!
Night Owl Pass - 2am to 10am for $10!

♦ Counterstrike   ♦ Left 4 Dead   ♦ World of Warcraft

♦ Counterstrike: Global Offensive   ♦ Left 4 Dead 2   ♦ Heartstone

♦ Counterstrike: Source   ♦ Portal   ♦ Warframe

  ♦ Castle Crashers   ♦ Portal 2   ♦ Tera

♦ Day of Defeat   ♦ Team Fortress Classic   ♦ Smite

♦ Day of Defeat: Source   ♦ Team Fortress 2   ♦ Diablo 3

♦ Dead Island   ♦ League of Legends   ♦ Minecraft

♦ Dead Island Riptide   ♦ Dota 2   ♦ Blade and Soul

♦ Complete Half Life Series   ♦ Heroes of the Storm   ♦ More will be added!

♦ Killing Floor   ♦ Starcraft 2


Address: 6250 West Charleston Blvd #110, Las Vegas 89146
Phone: 1 (702) 538-8448